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Interview: R&B-infused Reggae Songstress, Leilani Wolfgramm

Orlando-based, R&B-infused reggae songstress, Leilani Wolfgramm releases her latest single 'The Trail' along with her new EP. She's gearing up to hit the road by touring with national band The Green. Leilani chats about her recent projects, advice for females, and the future.

You just released a new material. What's the inspiration behind these projects? Writing is therapeutic for me. I write about my life and the things that I have been through and the things I see and question. I always think that it’s amazing when someone hears something that I wrote about myself, my inner thoughts and feelings and they are completely connected with it in their own way.. To stay connected in that way, not afraid to feel or be vulnerable or make mistakes. I want them to have a cathartic experience when they listen to my songs.

What advice would you give other female artists in the music industry? Be yourself. For real. Don’t be fake. Don’t be weak. Don’t use sex to get ahead.

What can fans expect in the upcoming months? More tour dates in support of the new album “Live Wire”

When did you want to pursue a musical career? I come from a musical family, and started writing when I was just a kid. My brothers had a reggae band they would let me join in when we were younger. I moved to California as a solo act and immediately started touring.

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