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Billboard Premieres Madelin's Empowering 'High School Boys' Remix Music Video

Electro-pop singer Madelin premieres her "High School Boys" remix video exclusively today via

Working closely with friend and collaborator Jose Dao, the music video stars many Brooklyn-based drag performers. Madelin tells Billboard, "We spent a month and a half bouncing ideas off of each other and conceptualizing a fantasy world. The experience of making the video was an adventure in itself. We spent hours in thrift shops digging through props to find the perfect pieces we then hand painted and embellished to look whimsical and dreamlike. We painted a large canvas backdrop on my roof in the middle of December and got paint all over our feet. I made a towering headpiece covered in roses, red velvet and tiny plastic babies I got at the dollar store." "We wanted this video to be a collaboration involving and celebrating the artists Jose and I know and love here in Brooklyn. We worked with up and coming Drag performers such as West Dakota and Desmond is Amazing," she adds. The clip features "choreography by my friend, professional modern dancer, Gwyn Mackenzie, and performed by me, Matthew Perez of Coleman Collective and Tyler Schnese of Gibney Dance, both of whom are close friends of mine. The end result is a video that encapsulates the childlike nostalgia we carry within us for the past, how it feels to try and remember a strong emotion, blissful and empty at the same time."

Madelin's forthcoming The Peachmixes, reinventions of her 2017 self-titled EP, also includes remixes by Joe Endozo, Mikey B, MAXO, Meinu and Betamax, and drops everywhere April 13. The remix of "High School Boys" is helmed by Sean McVerry, who tells Billboard of his approach, "You know when you’re in an arcade and you’ve just run out of quarters? So, you just sit and watch the computer play the game, maybe pretend you’re playing? The only solace you have in your quarter-less state is that the music in the game is groovy, and you can sit there totally content for a few minutes. 'High School Boys' already gave me a transportive, nostalgic feeling. I just brought it into the arcade where I might have been hanging out in the 90s." “High School Boys” is originally found on Madelin’s 2017 self-titled EP, which features biting kiss-off anthem “Good List,” named one of PopCrush’s Best Songs of 2017, alongside Kesha, Lorde, Kelly Clarkson and Demi Lovato. Breathe Heavy also praised the track, calling it “a defiant, introspective take on embracing a woman's sexuality and the power that she harnesses from it.”

Madelin has also garnered praise from such tastemakers as VENTS, Huffington Post, SheBOPS and Wonky Sensitive.

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