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Newsboys United Launch History-Making Tour With String of Sellouts

Whoa Dakota (Jessica Ott) deftly embeds timely themes of finding peace amidst a world rife with political turmoil in ethereal layers of synth pop and funky basslines in “We Create.” The second single off her summer 2018 forthcoming debut LP, Patterns, drops on February 23.

“They balance funk-infused bass and guitar with a swelling, dreamy synth,” NPR noted of “We Create” (which was highlighted as one of their favorite submissions for their 2017 Tiny Desk Contest) adding, “Ott’s voice, drifting over a tight groove, makes a relationship’s uncertainty feel romantic.” “We Create” is about the paralyzing effect that an endless newscycle of traumatic events has had on many people over the past couple of years and how oftentimes the only reprieve is to forcibly unplug yourself from it to stay sane. On the flipside of that, escaping can become a little too comfortable to the effect that you pretend that the world outside you is not on fire. The idyllic sonic landscape woven in “We Create” is a dreamy fantasy world that you will not want to leave. Whoa Dakota breaks the paralysis through acknowledgement and ownership in order to live a created life, which is a theme that permeates her debut full-length. Explains Ott: “‘Patterns’ is about the ruts we get stuck in emotionally and how we can continue to manifest the same unhealthy behaviors in our relationships if we aren’t looking at our emotional deficits and insecurities honestly and healthily.” The title “We Create” is a mantra for her to continue to develop a life that she has chosen for herself intentionally, and not one that she has defaulted to because of fear or blindness. Whoa Dakota was selected to compete for a chance to play Bonnaroo in Tennessee's Road to Roo competition sponsored by Lightning 100 and Miller Lite. Cheer her on at The Basement East in Nashville on Tuesday, April 3 or via the Lightning 100 Facebook live stream. Produced by Gavin Shea and Chris Gill of Handmade Productions (Luthi, Okey Dokey, Darius Rucker), “We Create” is sure to delight fans of Kimbra and Lana Del Rey alike.

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