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Industry Professional, Cassie Lynn Wells, Launches New Career Path, Werk PR

Aurora, Ohio native Cassie Lynn Wells embraces new industry journey with the launch of Werk PR. Cassie has experience in the music industry with her podcasts Cassie's Kick-Ass Country and Music Like a Lady.

With the official launch, Werk PR welcomes Emily Brooker, as she will take on the role of Publicity Manager for the firm. Original from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Emily moved to Tennessee after graduating with a bachelor's degree from Trevecca. "I am so excited about launching my new venture because I want to empower artists to achieve their future goals in an original way," explains Cassie. ''I wanted to get into PR ever since I started doing the journalism/radio side of the industry. I saw a need for an original concept of a PR firm that artists of all genres can benefit from." Werk PR is excited to progress over the next few months as we welcome new clients and professionals to the family. You can learn more about Werk PR by

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