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Interview: Fly By Midnight Spills Details on Latest Single 'Just Say It' & Upcoming Tour

Fly By Midnight is the nation's next favorite addiction. With the release of their recent single 'Just Say It', the duo presents a relatable single for everyone. Fly By Midnight spill about the inspiration behind their latest single, details about a college tour, and Valentine's Day.

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! You just released your single ‘Just Say It’. What was the inspiration behind the single? What was it like writing this song?

S: “Just Say It” is definitely different for us. It’s a song that dives into the timeline of a relationship many of us are familiar with. One that starts with fireworks & excitement, but begins to turn into something quite the opposite.

JB: It was a unique process writing this one also. It was a combination of diving into our own history with relationships, while also taking bits & pieces from other stories we’ve heard. We also co-wrote the track with our good friend Jojee who had her own experiences she brought to the table.   

You released a video for your single ‘Just Say It’. Where did you get the inspiration for the video? What was it like filming the video?

JB: A week before we filmed the video we were up late in the studio where we came up with the idea. Within a few hours & a couple of Red Bulls we had fleshed out the concept. The next morning we pulled up the google doc we had written it in & were like “yeah this is it.”

S: Filming this video, more than other videos of ours, felt really relaxed. It was just us, our two amazing actresses & our director of photography Sean Conlon. It became more of a collaborative art project than anything we’ve done before.   

Can readers catch you at any live dates or possibly a tour in 2018?

JB: We were announced recently on the bill to be playing Firefly Festival this upcoming summer. That’s going to be a blast.

S: Also we’ll be announcing a really cool college tour across the U.S. soon!

What can fans expect further in the upcoming months?

S: A lot more music.

JB: A lot more videos.

S: A lot more of us in general. We’re not going off the radar anytime soon.

JB: We’ll be everywhere you look *laughs*

MUC Random Question: Your song was released around Valentine’s Day. What did you guys do for valentine’s day?

JB: Anticlimactically we just worked in the studio & did a ton of promo for the new single.

S: We’re saving our dates for the weekend *laughs*

Where can our readers follow you at?

S: @flybymidnight on Instagram + @flybymidnight_ on Twitter

J: Fly By Midnight on Spotify + YouTube


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