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Review - Montgomery Gentry 'Here's To You' (Album)

In the whirlwind and sadness of the last five months Eddie Montgomery has found solace and motivation in the newly released album “Here’s to You” that he and his longtime partner, the late Troy Gentry created. After the death of Gentry this past year, Montgomery felt obligated to continue to live his life to the fullest, just as T-Roy would want him to. One way he is doing this is through the new album which was released on February 2nd, 2018. This album is as consistently amazing as the group’s first album which was cut close to twenty years ago.

Montgomery Gentry has always been known for singing songs about the small-town life. Songs like “Something to be Proud of” and “My Town”, which are featured in the groups 1999-2005 Best Hits album, describe how proud they are to have grown up in a small-town America. “Here’s to You” has similar songs such as “Needing a Beer” and “Drive on Home”, both of which many small town, blue collar Americans can relate to. “Get Down South” also offers a contemporary modern vibe that the younger generation of country music fans will enjoy and appreciate.

Some of the songs on this album also display the soft side of Montgomery Gentry. “What’cha Say We Don’t”, “Crazies Welcome”, “All Hell Broke Loose”, and the single “Better Me”, all offer more of an emotional feel to the listener. I got all the feels throughout the album and without a doubt know that this was more than a technical composition album, this album is all heart.

In a video posted on the group’s twitter page, Montgomery says that this particular album reminds him of when the pair just got signed and they were cutting their first album, “Tattoos & Scars.” He says that it’s something he’s very proud of and the lyrics and melodies will show that. Eddie Montgomery will continue to tour with the rest of the band in 2018 and will carry on Troy Gentry’s legacy very proudly.

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