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Review: Sister Hazel - Water (EP)

Gainesville, Florida 1993, Ken Block, Jett Beres, Andrew Copeland, Ryan Newell and Mark Trojanowski formed Sister Hazel and for 25 years they have remained active on the music scene ever since. The band earned Platinum status in recognition of its album …Somewhere More Familiar and followed that up with Gold for the Fortress album in 2000.

The latest EP release from the band is titled Water and is just the first installment to a collectable series titled Elements. Released on February 9th the EP introduces the track Roll On Bye. The upbeat, Alternative Country feeling of Roll On Bye will surely bring about a feeling of nostalgia reminiscent of Standing on a Corner in Winslow, Arizona. This is the standout track if you are looking for a quick pick me up to help get you through a long day…

Sister Hazel says, "The water element is symbolically often viewed as the source of life and reflection. In the powerful track “You Won’t See Me Again,” co-written by Andrew Copeland, singer and guitarist for the band, he addresses heartbreaking emotions and distress about his own brother-in-law’s fight with alcohol addiction. The emotional delivery of the lyrics by lead vocalist Ken Block came easily and honestly as he is in his 15th year of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. The loss of his own younger brother-in-law law earlier this year, after a lifelong struggle with this horrible disease, added to the sense of desperation, urgency, and finally hope that this powerful track holds."

Not all slide guitar ballads are created equal, but More Than I Want To is the exception. A track that is easily relatable to anyone who has ever experienced a crush or have found themselves enamored but are afraid that they will say too much or not enough. I expect this track to be a streaming favorite, it’s addictive.

Lastly, we are treated to a sampling of things to come with the acoustic track Elements, part 1 (Abilene). Just a minute-long clip, it had me at the first note, listeners will want to put this on repeat.

Overall, all of the songs of the EP Water are masterfully produced, and the energy of Sister Hazel can be felt through heartwarming lyrics and beautiful melodies. The combined creative spirits of the band ensure that this will be an instant hit. My hat is off to Sister Hazel for consistently releasing GREAT music for their fans.

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