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Review: Mickey Lamantia - Every Bad Habit

The “outlaw” sound of country music has always caught the attention of Mickey Lamantia, and his music certainly resonates that sound. The Rhode Island native and Correctional Officer/performer has been compared to fellow country artists like Jamey Johnson and Cody Jinks and was mentioned in Rolling Stone Magazine as a Top 10 New Country Artist for 2018. Not everyone can pull off the outlaw persona in country music but without question, Lamantia’s personality and the way he carries himself is a clear sign of how true and authentic he has stayed throughout his career.

In his new EP Every Bad Habit, Lamantia’s outlaw vibe can be heard in all of his songs, particularly in Outlaw Uprising, and Outlaw Life, both of which were recorded acoustically which lends itself to that true, authentic and raw outlaw sound. Although Lamantia and his music is seen as hardcore and tough, he gives his record some tug at your heart strings moments with songs like How Do I Say Goodbye and Heavy Dose of You which will resonate more with the traditional country loving song fans. A song that will be popular in the coming days for Lamantia is Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which will for sure be a rollicking boot-stomper in any bar that fans can raise their glass higher than their heads.

Mickey Lamantia should expect good feedback from this EP. His music has something to offer for everybody and with the rise of pop-country, his music remains true to himself and that’s what will make him intriguing to many.

Take a listen on Spotify:

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