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Review: Tyler Rich 'The Difference'

The Big DIFFERENCE is the songwriting. Newcomer Tyler Rich brings a familiar vocal styling to his new single but he is a stand out because his lyrics are clever and keep you wanting more. Recently signed to the Big Machine Label Group, Tyler has been on our radar for over a year now. His social media fans have supported him and helped make him a name before planting his feet in Nashville. The California Native has been touring with Dustin Lynch and he brings his charm to his audiences consistently & always over delivers. We had the pleasure of watching him perform at the Heart Songs Corp/Center Stage Magazine showcase last year during CMA Fest. Tyler doesn't just perform, he leaves it on the stage. We can't wait to hear more from Tyler, his songwriting is what truly what sets him apart from other country pop stars. The fact that he looks like a movie star just adds a delicious cherry on top!

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