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Review: FINNEAS - Break My Heart Again (Single)

On February 9th Finneas released Break My Heart Again a track that is very minimal and plays so well to his unique lyrical prowess that there can be no comparison made.

Vocally, he has a very soft muted tone on this track and never strays far from the repressed feelings of willingly loving someone who you know will break your heart again. Feelings so heartfelt that they convey easily when combined with such beautiful lyrics. Finneas’ brilliance as a songwriter really reaches a pinnacle with Break My heart Again.

The Production for Break My Heart Again is simply amazing. The subtleness of each classical instrument is neatly sewn together for a song that is being told via a text message conversation between two people. The simplistic vocals, lyrics and production is what makes this the song that deserves a spot on your playlist. Be sure to follow Finneas on Spotify… You won’t be disappointed.


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