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Interview: 'Home in a Minute' with Austin Peckham

With his debut EP 'Home in a Minute' debuting #11 on the iTunes Country charts on his release, Austin Peckham delivers a moving EP that will make you wanting more. Austin chats about the inspiration behind the EP, special songs, and pursuing a musical career. 

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! You’re debut EP  just released. What can fans expect listening to the music? They can expect to hear what’s been going on in my life the last year and a half. Getting engaged, moving to a new city, and maintaining a long distance relationship. They can expect to get a true, genuine little batch of music that reflects who I am as a person.

Throughout the EP, you feature five different songs. What song means the most to you? Why? Ugh, this is so difficult to pick, but probably the title track “Home in a minute”. Jeremy Edward and I wrote it together about our long distance relationships that we have been through. It’s just so real and true to my story with Emily.

Listening to the EP, your song ‘Take You Home’ stood out to me most. What is the inspiration/message behind the song? This one is my second favorite behind “Home in a minute”. Jared Anderson and I sat down when I was writing for this EP and we said “Let’s write a song about taking a girl home, but not in the same way everyone else does. We aren’t bad guys, so why would we sing about hooking up with a girl?” But WOW this song turned into this 3 verse, non-traditional song that takes you through the story of a couples entire relationship. Everytime I hear it i tear up, no joke!

When did you know you wanted to pursue a musical career? I graduated with my bachelors degree in Food and Nutrition December of 2016. I had my sights set on working in the nutrition industry somewhere, but there was just something telling me that I needed to do this thing. I remember calling my mom and saying “Hey, I think i’m going to move to Nashville. This is the only time in my life I can just do whatever I want, and pursue this dream.” I love writing music that people can feel and relate to. I think what made me want to pursue it the most is so that I can help people with the power of music.

What can fans expect in the upcoming months? Just to listen to the songs and really pick them apart. I want people to listen to these and try to find their place in my stories. I’ll be hopefully playing some shows, and doing some special give-aways around release time.

Where can our readers follow you at? @Austinpeckham on twitter and IG, and

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