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Interview: Max & Harvey Embrace on UK/US Tour + Dish on Latest Single

Throughout the country, music lovers are quickly discovering the voice of young talent. Max & Harvey quickly found their voice and started on their musical career. With quickly embracing their UK/US Tour kicking off on February 10th, you can catch them at their many tour dates across the country.

Max & Harvey discuss what fans can expect on their upcoming tour, inspiration behind 'Stuck on the Ceiling', and the formation of the danamic Max & Harvey.

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! You're gearing up for 2018 US & UK Tour in the upcoming days. What can fans expect on this tour? Fans can expect a HUGE show that we’ve been planning for months and months and we are so excited to show what we’ve been working on! There’s loads of interaction, songs, and just us being our usual crazy selves! - Harvey

What's the inspiration/story behind your song 'Stuck on the Ceiling'? The inspiration behind Stuck On The Ceiling was plainly just us wanting to have fun and “jumping so high getting stuck on the ceiling” which means having so much fun that you would get stuck on the ceiling! - Harvey

How did Max & Harvey come to be? Max and I have been singing together for a while and we never really thought we’d ever be doing what we’re doing now! We had just started doing smaller performances and joined social media, and it all exploded! We were as surprised as anyone else. However, we took action and have been working hard (and still are) for the past 2 years to produce loads of content but also focus on the real world like school and writing and recording songs as well. - Harvey

What can fans expect in 2018? We hope to tour as much as we can to see all of our fans. - Max

MUC Random: What's your favorite memory throughout your musical career? Walking into the stage at Camp Bestival and seeing the 4000 people waiting to see us perform. It may have been one of the best moments in our career so far. - Max

Where can our readers follow you at? You can follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook under maxandharveyofficial, and you can subscribe to our YouTube which is Max And Harvey.

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