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Interview: Los Angeles; Home to Leila Pari

Los Angeles singer/songwriter releases single 'Forever Young', which portrays the perfect message of falling in love and how the feeling it gives you. Leila Pari discusses the inspiration behind her single 'Forever Young', Adidas modeling, and discovering her sound.

You just released a single called 'Forever Young'. What's the story/message behind the song? It's a song about falling in love and how it makes your heart feel young again.

You're a former Adidas model. What made you want to put that on hold and pursue a musical career? I still model but music gives me purpose. Expressing yourself and connecting with people through your story is such a beautiful thing. It makes you remember how interconnected our lives and stories are.

What can fans expect in 2018? MUSIC! This is the 2nd of at least 5 releases this year. :)

MUC Random Question: What's your favorite childhood memory? Playing hide and go seek on my grandparents ranch in the rain and then cuddling up by the fire place with my family afterwards.

Where can our readers follow you at? Spotify & Apple music of course and then Instagram & Twitter @leilapari


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