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Interview: 'American Dreamin' with Rising Female artist, Christina Taylor

Christina Taylor is making her name stand out in the industry. With the release of her debut EP, she gears up to release her single 'American Dreamin', which gained lots of attention including with Radio Disney Country. #Womencrush featured artist, Christina Taylor, chats about her release, pursuing a musical career, and female musicians.

You're releasing your single American Dreamin'. What's the story/inspiration behind the single? A lot has gone on in America the last few years and sometimes it can seem like our country has never been more divided. “American Dreamin” is about having hope, faith and love for our country and realizing that the United States Of America is the BEST country in the world and we are so lucky to live here. Everybody has an American dream and I thank God that I get to live mine every day.

When did you know that you wanted to pursue a musical career? I pretty much always knew I wanted to be a singer but didn’t start taking it seriously until I turned about 15 or 16. I started writing and recording in the studio and really working to figure out my sound and who I was as an artist.

What can fans expect from you in 2018? Fans can expect a new EP and a lot more live shows! I can’t wait to be able to share more of what I love most and to be able to make personal connections while out performing live.

What advice would you give other female musicians? “You are not better than anyone else, but no one is better than you.” Sometimes coming to Nashville and seeing the amount of talented individuals can scare you and make you look at everyone like they are competition. You have to learn to understand that everyone is unique and talented in their own way and the only person you need to worry about being better than is the person you were yesterday. ALWAYS strive to be better!

Who are your biggest influences? Why? My biggest influences are Joss Stone, P!nk and Eric Church. They tell it like it is and there’s something so respectable about that. I strive to be that way every day!

MUC Random: What's your favorite winter memory? My favorite winter memory is when all of the kids would meet up on snow days and go sledding together down the biggest hills in our neighborhood and then going home to make hot chocolate and pass out by the fireplace.

Where can our readers follow you at? Readers can follow me on Instagram @christinataylormusic, twitter @ChristinaTMusic, and you can go to my website

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