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Trip Hop Star Dhanya to release self titled EP on February 2nd

Venezuelan born artist Dhanya’ is set to release her self-titled EP on February 2nd, and I was given an opportunity to preview the music. This melodic, and sometimes almost hypnotic song list on her EP is sure to be a hit with music taste makers alike. Closing my eyes and just soaking in the ambiance of the music I felt as if I was being whisked away to the Akashic plane of existence, a plane that is believed to hold all human emotions, events, words, thoughts, and intent to have ever occurred in the past, present, and future.

Lesson, is the standout track of the EP and is pleasant to listen to. Be sure to watch for the upcoming release of the self-titled EP Dhanya February 2nd and add it to your playlist, you won’t be disappointed.

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