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Review: 'Put It In A Song' EP by Taylor Acorn

Maren Morris and Danielle Bradbery are both easily recognizable names, Pop-country newcomer Taylor Acorn is quickly on her way to becoming just as well known. Her most recent EP release entitled Put It in A Song is quite easily a commercial hit as Taylor has gained national notoriety and acclaim with this new release.

The title track Put It in A Song begins with an upbeat and catchy blending of pop-country that goes well with the current state of popularity of love songs for the genre’. She does an exceptional job at painting a canvas with such powerful emotions that are clearly exhibited in this track. Lyrically, this isn’t a traditional love song as it is more upbeat country pop tempo. Taylor performs the title track quite exquisitely. The next song on the EP Same intros with a perfect blend of subtle guitar with piano and a dramatic drum beat percussion. Lyrically this song couldn’t be any more perfect.

Something Tonight assists in carrying the country pop vibe of the EP. Immediately I was drawn into the hint of traditional country guitar that blended well with her strong feelings of falling in love and all the emotions that come along with it. The smooth pop hook will appeal to pop and country fans alike. Lyrically it is a surprisingly catchy track in which Taylor does a superb job at describing spending time with someone you love.

Guys Like You begins with a quirky mandolin intro leading into a powerful country guitar drawing the listener in quickly. As it begins to progress into a pop beat, there is an ever so soft sound of a steel guitar in the background, which helps to bring the instrumentals full circle. Taylor’s vocals on this track are well suited for today's modern country audience. Rounding out the EP is Seventeen and one that is destined to be a hit as well. A retrospective love song of what used to be, weaving a tale of wanting to go back to time when two people were in love. The sound of an acoustic guitar opens this track followed by Taylor’s beautiful and expressive vocals. The instrumentals of this song are a little more country traditional, but the chorus and beat keeps up with the current state of modern pop country.

Overall, to choose just one song to be my favorite would not be fair to the others. Each one presents itself in its own distinct way. From hints of traditional country guitar and contemporary piano to a pop beat blended perfectly with steel guitar. Taylor Acorn has just garnered a new fan. I absolutely fell in love with the Put it In A Song EP her vocals are nothing short of amazing, almost angelic like.


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