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Interview: Our Redneck Of The Woods; Matt Westin

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! You just released your

single 'Our Redneck Of The Woods'. What's the inspiration/message behind

the single? This song represents a lot of what country music means to me. It's got a great edgy outlaw country vibe and it celebrates so much of what I

believe in. It's all about god, country, family, hard work, pride for

your roots, helping others, and respect. Fans of classic and outlaw

country, to rock, to modern country can all find something to like about

this song!

You lost your father in 2016 and decided to pursue your musical career.

What made you want to become a musician? I've been somewhat of a musician since I was a kid. I played multiple instruments growing up and I fell in love with singing when I was a teenager. It wasn't until after I did what I was "supposed to do" for years and was terribly unhappy that I began following my heart more. I pursued acting for a while, and continued to sing, and my father always pushed me to pursue my music. After he passed away, I was lost, I was broken, I was not easy to be around, and I needed something to help pull me out of this pit. The decision to finally pursue my passion for music was almost supernatural. I can't pinpoint a day where I sat down and

thought it out and decided to go for it. It just came to me, in my gut,

in my heart, and it just felt right.

What can fans expect in 2018? 2018 is going to be big for me, but it's really just the beginning. I'll be doing a lot of interviews and getting play around the country and the world. i'm really looking forward to getting out there and performing for the fans, so a tour schedule is in the works!

MUC Random Question: What's your current song you last listened to? I've been listening to the Highwaymen lately. My brother got me a CF for

Christmas, and I've been listening to it a lot since then. I love older

stuff like this. The song I keep coming back to is highwayman, by the


Where can our readers follow you at? You can find me at There's a like for my Facebook and Twitter on my website!

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