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Interview: 'Just Another Day in Paradise' Chatting with Phil Vassar

Christmas is over, however Phil Vassar still has us in the spirit with the release of "The Naughty List" featuring Kellie Pickler. "The Naughty List" is a fun little flirty Christmas song we came up with." explains Vassar "I was sort of inspired by 40’s style big band era music. I was thinking of Rosemary Clooney doing “White Christmas,” that kind of classic, old school style."

However the talent doesn't just stop at Phil. He's passed his music abilities and talents to his daughter Haley Vassar. Haley and Phil recently performed on 'Fox & Friends' singing a beautiful cover of "Silent Night". "I love watching my daughter continue to grow as an artist on her own career. We're always collaborating together by sharing our lyrical abilities together." explains Phil.

You'll find tons of talent in the industry including his daughter, however he's watched Randy from Old Dominion, CAM, Granger Smith, and many more create their career with pride and dedication. ''You have the be like 'The Energizer Bunny'." explains Vasar. "You must never stop or give up in your journey to success."

Haley Vassar & Phil at Fox & Friends

While Phil continues to work on 2018 projects; including a new album and tour, you can follow his journey at

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