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Review: Jesse Labelle Plants His Feet in Country Music with "Get Away With It"

Canadian Pop Country sensation Jesse Labelle has gone through a transformative period from his earlier pop recordings. Every artist strives to constantly evolve whether it be vocally or lyrically and Labelle’s recent release Get Away With It is an excellent example of an artist doing both. He is clearly planting his feet into the genre of country music.

As the tempo of the single picks up it is clear that Labelle really contemplated how to deliver his absolute best. The beautifully mastered lyrics are chained together perfectly and hold our attention. I respect an artist who can technically master the construction of a song while delivering a solid vocal performance. The Production for Get Away With It is very remarkable and does not to overshadow Labelle. The instrumentation is subtle, I enjoyed the steel, it was just enough to bring us a country pop song that reminds us that Jesse is all about country.

Get Away With It is another must have for your playlist. Not too sugary, not too poppy it is more of a Goldilocks track, it is just right.

If you are a fan of Keith Urban, then you will love Jesse Labelle…

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