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Bubba T. Brings Holiday Cheer with Christmas Classic "Frosty The Snowman" Available NOW

Everyone loves Christmas songs - or at least that’s Bubba T.’s theory – and he marks his first Christmas single release with a classic: “Frosty The Snowman.” The irreverent entertainer is joined by Texas star Natalie Rose for a rollickin’ and rockin’ version of the song – all wrapped up in a “Red Dirt” bow. The new single is available on iTunes, SoundCloud, Amazon and

The track opens with a twangin’ guitar and explodes with a Hammond B-3 lick that is sure to melt some permafrost ... somewhere. Bubba jumps in with his gravelly, whiskey-soaked voice (somewhere between an unhinged Jimmy Buffet and a super laid-back Tom T. Hall) and the race is on ... and it’s a fine one. Somewhere, the mix of a gorgeous, successful 23-year-old and a 72-year-old overachiever just returning to the music fold made sense to Bubba and his team. Apparently, it didn’t scare off Natalie Rose (who has shared the stage with The Band Perry, Gary Allan and others, and is recording her next project with Kent Wells, Dolly Parton’s producer) either. “Just think of the advertising and demographics,” Bubba enthuses. “We could have a range of sponsors from hair products and cosmetics to Ensure and AARP ... the possibilities are endless.” You can see Bubba is quite the salesman. “Frosty The Snowman” offers a fun run; a one-off, unless by some miracle of spiritual convergence the two decide to reunite for another go – on a “regular” song. But that’s somewhere in the future. Maybe. In the meantime, Bubba T., Natalie Rose and producer Keith Gattis had a blast recording “Frosty.” They had Christmas lights and Santa hats and a few friends stopped by the session to lift their spirits. Listeners might inquire as to whether the seasonal cheer included spirits of another sort - and it’s a fair question - Bubba does love a toddy or two. A more important issue for Bubba is the fact that no one brought a single gift to exchange. “I’ve been good this year, too,” he admits. “I mean really good.” With winter fast approaching, Bubba feels sure the single will do well in Iceland, and he has high hopes for the rest of the world as well. “We’re puttin’ it out everywhere we can,” he notes. “It’ll be all over iTunes and Spotify; Texas and national radio and probably internationally, too.” About Bubba T.: Bubba, who sidelines as an attorney, bank executive, real estate mogul and upright community supporter says, “I keep saying that this is my first recording of a holiday song. When you get to be my age, it’s easy to forget things that happened 50 years ago.” Ah, Bubba T. Bubba T.’s alter-ego is Edward Bates Tomlinson II, ESQ, BBA, JD, and he’s billed as the “oldest new music artist in Texas.” Working under the assumption that it’s never too late to have a good time – or to fulfill a lifelong dream, Bubba is picking up the youthful music career he left behind “a century or two” ago to live in the “real world.” He invites everyone to join in the fun – and “Frosty The Snowman” is a good start.

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