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Review: Sail Away Heart by Zach Leon

23-year-old pop-indie singer Zach Leon recently released the full length album entitled Sail away Heart, a 13 track album featuring the songs A+K and California (Girls Don’t Sing).

A+K is a track that is light hearted with simple lyrics that makes it easy for the listener to visualize a super sugary romance. Vocally, Zach does an exceptional job at painting a picture in our minds and mixed with the production it leaves us picturing a 1950s sock hop dance line. This is definitely a track to listen to if you’re down and need a quick pick me up. While it has a bit of slower tempo than the other track being reviewed I recommend adding A+K to your playlist.

California (Girls Don’t Sing) left us wondering why don’t they sing. This track has a familiar Imagine Dragons vibe to it. The gentle introduction catches you immediately and as the tempo picks up you quickly find yourself immersed in a world of sound that is indescribable, but in a good way. Similar to when you hear a familiar song on the radio but you can’t quite figure out what makes it so special.. but you love it anyway.

If you are a California girl, we encourage you to sing as loudly as possible.

Overall, Sail Away Heart is an album that needs to be discovered by the tastemakers of the pop music genre.

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