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20 Questions with Dynamic Duo, Halfway to Hazard

Were you nervous about putting out REDemptiOn? It's your first in 10 years!

David: You never know what to expect releasing a new album, but I think it was more excitement about having new music out than nervousness.

What’s one perspective you brought to this album that perhaps you didn’t have before?

Chad: One new perspective that came with recording the REDemptiOn album is maturity in songwriting and our studio approach. We are more laser focused now on what we want and we know how to get it more strategically and efficiently.

This is the first Halfway to Hazard album in the age of streaming. How would you prefer people listen to it?

David: Anyway they want. Streaming is the future, but we do like to see people still buying the album for sure, but as long as they listen, we are good!

Do you think this band sound is different now, than it did to you in 2007?

Chad: I think H2H sounds better than ever, it’s the same mixture of country lyrics and rockin music blended with bluegrass type harmonies and a shake your head beat that we had on our 1st record from 2007. DT and I always have come from the same place musically with our influences, etc and being both from eastern KY gives us the same foundation to base our songwriting on.

For someone who was just being introduced to your music, what's the first song they should listen to?

David: “Daisy,” it was our first single off the first album and it's a great blend of our voices and our country/rock sound.

Will you be going on tour soon?