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Interview: Dynamite Dylan Has 'No Competition'

The young YouTube star, Dynamite Dylan teams up with Jake Paul for his latest single 'No Competition', accompanied with a music video. With goals for the future, Dylan plans to release more music for fans in the future.

Photo Credit: Chad Brady

Dynamite Dylan discusses the inspiration behind the recent release, working with Jake Paul, and video games.

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! You released a music video for 'No Competition'. What's the inspiration for the song? Thank you for taking the time as well! The song's inspiration is mainly giving my listeners the feeling of “no matter what you do as long as you believe in yourself” there is NO Competition, just be yourself. :)

You teamed up with Jake Paul with the release. What was it like working with the famous YouTube star? Jake has treated me like a “little brother” from day 1 and has always supported me, it was honestly like working with family.

What can fans expect in the future? More and more music and a few more videos coming up real soon! And me “DynamiteDylan” showing up in Jake's daily blogs from time to time.

MUC Random: What's your favorite video game? Right now I’m majorly addicted to my Nintindo switch and the game "Mario Oddasey"

Where can our readers follow you at? Please follow me on Youtube,IG,Twitter and Facebook @DynamiteDylan ​

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