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Review: New Boy by Rosebloom

The artist once known as Sierra Annie band.

Rosebloom has released her latest single entitled “New Boy”. While at first this comes across as just another poppy love song, it quickly evolves into more of an anthem of a young girl looking for more than just the starry eyed, butterflies in your stomach feeling…Something more…

Vocally, she credits her influences as Kelsea Ballerini, Raelynn, and Maren Morris. It is those influences that really helps her to shine on this track. With an upbeat, quirky hook that will permeate the listener's ear, and sticks with them it is then that they catch themselves singing along in their head. Pop country is huge right now and Rosebloom is on the right track to making her own mark in the industry.

Production on the track is a treat for anyone who is a fan of the 1960s style of teeny bopper love song.

Imagine if you will, the guitar stylings of Wayne Cochran’s “Last Kiss” with the country pop sound of Kelsea Ballerini threw them both in a blender. The end result being “New Boy”.

She is a star in the making. As an independent artist Rosebloom is making forward moving progress in an uphill battle in an industry that has not made it easy for the female country singer to break out. Keep an eye on this talented young lady for great things to come in the future!


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