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Interview: Kalie Shorr Isn't Backing Down Following the Release of 'Two Hands'

Kalie Shorr will be a household name you'll be dying to see in the upcoming years. With her recent release of 'Two Hands', she releases not only a relatable but paints a clear picture of the story and message behind the song.

Finding her voice in the music industry took some time, but with the debut release of 'Fight Like A Girl', her voice was found. Gaining notable attention from Sirius XM 'The Highway' quickly grabbed the song and presented it to the world. "I would love to play the Grand Ole Opry. It’s a huge goal of mine and I always get so emotional watching people play it because it’s such a huge milestone. I super respect how exclusive it is because it preserves the integrity of the Opry and how many legends have played there. But I promise you if I ever get to make my Opry debut I will bawl my eyes out." explains Shorr as she continues to achieve goals.

With being huge in supporting female artists of all genres she created bold statements in her writing, but also her actions. "Never let the pressure society puts on you allow you to treat other females badly. I can’t even tell you how many times someone has (even unintentionally) attempted to put me against another girl or complemented one of us by undermining the other one. Resist it and stay true and loyal to the girls who are doing the same thing as you. You need them." expresses Kalie. She's is heavily involved in the all-female round, Song Suffragettes in Nashville, TN at The Listening Room Cafe every Monday. Recently, they released an all-female cover of 'Female' by Keith Urban featuring many female artists.

With the release of 'Two Hands', she's creating a bold path leading to her release of her upcoming 7 track EP released in 2018. ''Two Hands is about finding a good man or woman who never tells you to be less than everything that you are. Some people are threatened by ambition and will try to bring you down to make themselves feel better- I’ve even dated a guy like that! It’s about owning who you are and celebrating the people who love you for all of it." explains Kalie. Over the weekend, 'Two Hands' made it's debut on Sirius XM The Highway 'On The Horizon' show.

Kalie's vocals shine through the dark and put a light on the sound of new country. Follow Kalie's journey on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. You can find more information about Kalie at


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