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Review: Heartbreaker by Cat Parks

“Women are a lot like flowers. We are delicate. We all come in different shapes, sizes, and colors but we are all equally beautiful. That's the universal message I want to get across. Love yourself. You're beautiful." Cat Parks

In the 1990s, British pop super group The Spice Girls created the girl power movement but sadly it was just a novelty, and had no real meaning or purpose. Soon the girls and their message found themselves tossed into the abyss of mediocrity like so many others. There have been plenty others who have tried to create the legitimate empowerment of women in music, and those too have fallen short.

Nashville artist Cat Parks is presenting a solid argument to legitimize the empowerment of women through her music. Encouraging women to love themselves, despite the norm of a society that dictates what beauty is, Cat delivers in a powerful and uplifting message.

Parks has incorporated different genres of music into “Heartbreaker”. There is a slight edgy rock guitar that hits the listener as soon as the track begins which intros into pop soaked lyrics with a catchy hook. All of this leading into hip hop laced lyrics that begin with “Know yourself, know your worth”.

Parks may not be well known at this point, but she is quickly gaining momentum in getting her name and message out there. It is also worth mentioning that she is active in several different organizations that work with inner city youth in Nashville.

Interesting fact: During the Victorian era when a hibiscus flower was given to a woman it symbolized an acknowledgement of her delicate beauty.

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