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Interview: The Making of 'Indigo Summer'

Rising Country/Pop duo, Indigo Summer is sticking a match with the release of their single 'Wants What It Wants'. Bryan Edwards and Hope Nix chat about the inspiration behind their debut album, formation of Indigo Summer, and what they are thankful for.

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! You just released your debut self-titled album. What's the inspiration and the message behind the album?

Bryan: First, thank you for having us! We really appreciate you giving us your time! We are very excited and proud to have our debut album out. We really wanted to come out swinging with a project that gives you the idea of things to come with Indigo Summer. The songs and production sort of fit our theme of “Fun. Sexy. Country.” Hope and I wrote every song on the record along with some of Nashville’s most talented songwriters. We pulled from different experiences in our lives to inspire these songs and I feel connected to each one of them, as do our fans.

Hope: The album was inspired in many ways by real life events things one or the both of us have gone through before and then there are a few songs on the album where we just thought of a fun title and decided it would be a fun song to write!

You have a unique story of the formation of Indigo Summer. Since the formation, what have you both learned about each other?

Bryan: In the beginning of our duo-ship, it was such a trust-walk for both of us. Coming out of solo careers where there was only one person calling the shots and transitioning into a duo where we have shared responsibilities and roles was scary for me at first. I’m a total control freak when it comes to my passion of music. But I learned very early on that Hope and I just work well together. So well that I have never doubted the decision to partner with her. Our personalities, our voices, our dreams, our likes and dislikes, you can’t force the kind of cohesiveness that we have inherently between us. So, to answer your question, I have learned that Hope is the right, and I would venture to say, only person that I could work with to make this such a special thing.

Hope: Well I suppose we have learned a lot! haha! Bryan has probably learned that I am ALWAYS LATE unless someone is in charge of getting me out the door on time LOL and We will never successfully finish a song if I get hangry! LOL. We have both definitely learned what each other's strengths are and try to make sure we bring those out in one another.

Your current single is 'Wants What It Wants'. What's the inspiration and story behind the single?

Bryan: “Wants What It Wants” is my absolute favorite song on the album! It’s really just a song about the struggles of going through a relationship with someone that you know isn’t right for you, yet you can’t help but want to be with them. I’ve been there and I think a lot of people have been there.

Hope: Bryan had this title in his phone, and I thought it was a great title! We wrote this back in 2014 and it's really just about the intense emotional process your mind can go through after a breakup. I think we have all been in a place with someone where we know we won't work together, but we still want that person or relationship so bad. This is one of our favorite songs to play live, because people have really seemed to be drawn in when we start singing it.

MUC Random: What are you guys most thankful for?

Bryan: I am most thankful for my wife and family. Their love is what helps me make it through those hard times and make the good times even better. I’d be a lost man without them.

Hope: I LOVE random questions haha! I think with everything going on in the world right now, I am honestly just thankful for my family,friends,my dogs,my fiancé (who does make sure I am on time if he's with me haha) and being able to do what I love making music. That is such a cliche answer, but its just honestly the truth.

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