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Review: Hand in Hand EP by RF Donovan

Country music duo RF Donovan are preparing to release their debut EP entitled “Hand in Hand” in December. Rob Donovan brings a mash-up of country rock flair to the Ultra 90s pop country sound of Faith Haroldson. Working with Grammy Award winning musicians Brian White and Steve Mackey helps to bring out more of a modern country sound.

“Stay” is an infectious song in a way that the listener can instantly connect with the message of being in love, and making it a point to enjoy the little things that a relationship has to offer. The lyrics are well written and put together neatly and not overly complicated. Sometimes simplicity is the best way to connect a song with a listener.

“Tennessee Honey” is another pop love song. Finding love and choosing to stay in and spending an intimate evening together, as opposed to going out. The upbeat tempo is catchy and easily recognizable. The addition of a banjo is a fresh change to what has become cookie cutter type of country music. Vocally, Rob Donovan does a great job taking the listener on a visual journey through his words.

Overall if you’re a fan of a good old fashion feel good love songs then these two songs are the ones you should be listening to.

"Hand in Hand" set to release this December on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Google play

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