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We Can't Turn Off Dixie Jade

Female duo, Dixie Jade is creating a new sound with their release of their highly anticipated single 'I Can't Turn You Off'. With memorizing vocals, the duo showcases a brand new style of music since their release of their debut album. Andrea and Dominique of Dixie Jade chat about the inspiration behind the single, formation of Dixie Jade, and future plans.

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! What's the inspiration behind your latest single 'I Can't Turn You Off'? “I Can’t Turn You Off” is a song for anyone who’s thinking about someone they shouldn’t be thinking about. We wrote it with our friends Lexie Hayden and Stone Aielli. One of us in the room was going through a bad breakup at the time and this was our way of working through it. How did Dixie Jade form? We were both at the Bluebird Cafe for the Monday night open mic and struck up a conversation after the show. We had gone to school in California together, but neither of us knew that the other was in Nashville. We went to get coffee, wrote a song together, and the rest is history. From this single, can fans expect an EP or other plans? We’re busy in the studio right now and plan to release our EP in March 2018. MUC Random: What's your favorite candy?

Andrea: Almond Joy Dominique: Reeses and Red Sour Patch Kids Where can our readers follow you at? Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and Twitter

Stream 'I Can't Turn you Off' on Spotify:

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