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Behind the Sound: Broken Halleluyah

Underground duo, Broken Halleluyah is creating fire with the latest release of their single 'Soul on Fire'. The duo discusses inspiration, formation of the band, and their own app.

What’s the inspiration behind “Soul on Fire”? We feel like most people spend their lives doing things they’re not passionate about. The world doesn’t need more “famous people”. The world needs more people who do what makes them come alive! We wrote the song “Soul on Fire” because we wanted to remind people to do what they truly love.

How did you guys form Broken Halleluyah? Broken Halleluyah formed once we had been living and creating in Nashville, TN. Lamont and I met in NYC nearly 3 years ago, through our managers at the time. I had been signed to Roc Nation as a songwriter with a potential artist deal and I was searching for my unique sound. Lamont had been signed to Wyclef Jeanand produced for all kids of incredible artists prior to our meeting. Lamont has a gift for artist development.

Through our growth we realized how much we love writing and performing together so we decided to form Broken Halleluyah. The band name came from a song we were writing for a movie we were scoring. The concept for what we represent became bigger than our solo desires. Our manifesto says it best, “When you go through one of the most challenging times in your life and you want to stop but you don’t? That’s when you become stronger. That’s when you’re better than ever before. That’s a Broken Halleluyah.”

What can fans do on your app and does this make you unique? Our app allows for our vision of what a “Broken Halleluyah” is to come to life. You can hear our music, watch our videos, connect to our social media, stay up to date on our events and soon you can browse our clothing line! Though these features aren’t why we created the app…

With in the app we aim to create a community of people who share their stories and support each other through their journey. You can make an account in our “Get Real Community” and post on the feed! We also have a “Thought of the Week” in which we share things we’re thinking over along our personal growth. Life isn’t about hiding your brokenness because our struggles shape us! Lamont and I send out inspirational quotes daily as reminders that come straight to your phone.

…Perhaps this makes us unique. We just see it as something we have to do.

What’s your favorite ice cream? We don’t eat a ton of sweets but we do love the coconut milk options by “So Delicious” as well as green tea ice cream after sushi!

Where can our readers follow you at?

IG - @brokenhalleluyah

@grafnow @officiallogic

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Broken Halleluyah in the app store

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