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Basic Printer Is Not Taking Cues from Anyone

Music Update Central caught up with Jesse Gillenwalters of Basic Printer to catch up on all things music. Jesse is from a small town in upstate New York and has positively contributed to the Nashville music scene since moving here by simply being himself and creating music of sincere authenticity and originality. Growing up in a small town that was somewhat isolating, he was able to experiment with music and not feel a sense of pressure to conform or change his music style to fit the mold.

Basic Printer’s live shows are also a riot, and they require intense stretching beforehand. When I attended his show at The High Watt, every bone in my body was vibrating with energy and excitement as Basic Printer electrified the entire room with his stage presence and unique synth pop sounds.

Basic Printer’s most recent single, “Snore Captain” was written for his friend. Trying to awaken him from a “funk”, he used his music to communicate a message to his friend the best way he knows how.

Jesse prides himself on making music that’s far from the status quo. “Being prideful in what you do is important”, Jesse commented to me during our interview. Basic Printer is making music that has an enjoyable childish quirkiness to it. If this is “pop for 4 year olds” then I’m happy to have regressed. One of Jesse’s biggest music influences is Radiohead because they seem to make the music that they want to make and not the music they think society wants to hear. Instead of trying to please everyone, similar to Basic Printer, they use their innate musical weirdness to continue to add diversity to the music industry that continues to break down barriers and challenge everyone’s idea of what “good music” is.

While some people try to follow the lead of other musicians, Basic Printer will be holding his own and experimenting with sounds to fill the music world with beautiful chaos.

While Jesse is also making rad music, he is also using his exposure to raise money for human trafficking survivors. See below on how you can help!

Jesse has been spreading the word, using his shows and social media outlets to promote the fundraiser he’s been working with. “I’ve been talking to Free for Life International about what the effects of this fundraiser can be. We are currently at $96.50, which is not too shabby for 3 days! When we hit $100, our donation will be covering all of the survivors' medical expenses at their shelter for a month. That's amazing! So, let's keep it going.”

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