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The Foxies: A Refreshing Revival of Vintage Sounds

The Foxies have it all: the look, the sound and the stage presence. This triple threat has taken the modern indie scene by storm all by taking what is old and making it new again. With a sound taking you back in time to the late 70s, early 80s, you feel yourself entering a parallel universe where you are dancing to Blondie and Madonna while sipping on box wine.

“Oblivion” is their six-track record that is a one-stop shop for everything you could want in an album. While “Box Wine” and “Oblivion” are more balladic and sentimental, hitting you right in the feels, the rest of the album has you dancing uncontrollably to the upbeat tunes. Not to mention, their live performance is nothing less than stellar. You feel compelled to move immediately as the groovy sounds seep in and hypnotize the audience. The Foxies seemingly put on an effortless musical experience that offers an escape from present times. Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough, the lyrics lure you into the abyss and follow you around like a shadow.

Mesmerizing and edgy, the words make themselves at home in your dreams.

If you need a new obsession, then “Disco” is exactly what you need. It is an upbeat addiction that has you feeling used by the end it. With mentions of murder and cyanide, it’s deadly how you find yourself loving every second of it. I picture Buffy the Vampire Slayer battling a million vampires under neon lights and a disco ball.

“Floods” will have you losing all your senses. It is all about the craving that happens when you are near someone you admire. Admittedly, it is the fiery truth about trying to contain the animal within when there is undeniable chemistry.

Recently been in a “terrible way” about a significant other? Look no further. “Box Wine” is a beautiful ballad that encompasses feelings of desire and despair. A feeling of loneliness accompanies the tune as the sound gradually builds and fades dramatically.

Tragically accurate, “Our Blood Is Fire” does the trick of describing the perfectly imperfect love story. Relationships can be messy, and all too often, resemble puzzle pieces that we think have to magically fit together. The lyrics hit the nail on the head.

If the doctor prescribed you a dose of a light, feel-good jam, then take a shot of “Wander in Lust”. It will sure do the job by taking you on a joyride. The airy, hypnotic tune makes you feel young and reckless. After this, you’ll want to take a getaway trip to a land far away from the daily responsibilities that haunt you.

ObŸlivŸiŸon: the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening. “Oblivion”, rightfully the album’s title, is an introspective melody that has you soul searching for the meaning of, well everything. Almost everyone encounters a situation that they don’t know how to handle or how things will turn out. Will you “march into oblivion” or give up? The song is inspiring, and it will have you hooked.

The Foxies are a vintage leather jacket that never goes out of style. So come thrifting on Thursdays with The Foxies, and help keep the revival of good music alive!

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