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The Six Singles: Nilka’s Introspective Journey as a Rising Alternative-Pop Artist

Nilka is an alternative-pop Nashville artist originating from Florida. Growing up, she was very involved in band as a flute player and always admired the builds in songs that one would hear in a dramatic scene of a hit movie. This is where her journey began, and her love for music sprouted. Classical music made an imprint on her as a musician, as well as, some of the more popular artists like Imagine Dragons and Sia. I could see the passion in her eyes light up like light bulbs when she discussed her dream of hearing one of her songs in a major film. She moved to Nashville with goals and is continuing to take big steps towards them even if her voice shakes.

The Album: “Year of the Escape”

Nilka set out on a mission to release six singles this year that all represent the different phases of an introspective journey while encompassing life experiences. The releases have been strategically timed so that altogether they will represent an epic story of bravery called "Year of the Escape".

“Horizon” was the first single released, followed by “Metamorphosis”. Next up was “Even If Your Voice Shakes”, and then the most recent single “Galaxy For Two”. The last two singles, “Arrow” and “Bury Me In Orchids” will be released in October and December.

The whole album will take you on a self-meditating journey, and make you feel as if you’re a part of something bigger than yourself. It’s a combination of atmospheric and earthy sounds blended together that have big symphonic and cinematic moments. Her ability to pull in multiple genres into one album is impressive. While “Metamorphosis” has a dark, eerie, underground sound that feels more alternative, “Even If Your Voice Shakes” brings in thundering undeniable pop sounds. “Galaxy for Two” takes a different turn and is a romantic getaway tune if you need an escape.

Nilka expressed to me that her defining moment as an artist came from her classes at Belmont that helped her discover her own sound. "I grew up on Motown, good feeling music that has a life of its own. When I was three years old, I would stand in front of the TV, and sing along to “Phantom of The Opera”', Nilka recounted to me. Her grandma had the biggest impact on her, being a brave, honest and spunky woman who Nilka called the “most original” person she has ever known. Nilka’s music embodies originality and screams authenticity the moment you embark on her journey. It’s an abstract painting, each brush stroke bringing with it something new and exciting.

Nilka has successfully begun to create an album that can allow her listeners to relate to it while also helping them develop a new perspective. She encourages people to empower their emotions, reminding everyone that there are seasons of life that will be hard. What happens after the struggle is what matters.

Listen to Nilka’s singles as she continues to release them in order of her journey!

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