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Molly Rocket’s “Revolve”: A Powerful Song of Self-Discovery

“I wrote these lyrics when I was 18. I am now 25 and they mean more to me than ever. Uncovering the nuances of my mental health is absolutely a process, and a necessary one. I’ve had so many ups and downs over the last 7 years, and these words have never stopped giving me hope that I can one day find peace inside the labyrinth that is my mind.” – Molly Rocket

Molly Rocket is a force to be reckoned with. Not only do they make up half of the quickly ascending Nashville band TAYLS, their whole EP was produced by Ken Coomer, three time Grammy Nominated drummer and producer for Wilco. This soulful, pop rock, free spirited band is changing the game and making music that goes far below the surface. Enter “Revolve”, Molly Rocket’s nostalgic, passionately driven new tune. This song brings to light the struggles of dealing with mental health issues. Awareness of these issues has become such an integral part of today’s society, and what better way to express the maze within our minds than through honest music.

The single starts off with booming echoing vocals that lure you in. The mysterious, eerie vibe quickly transforms into a soulful rock sound, similar to a chrysalis becoming a butterfly. The new single takes you into the depths of your own mind, reminding you of the importance in holding on tightly to your roots. As you change over time, you may evolve. But in a world that is ever changing, “Revolve” reminds you to always stay true to where you came from and the importance of listening to the voice within. Instead of completely evolving, you “revolve”.

With only three stanza’s, Molly Rocket seamlessly manages to create an alternative musical universe that welcomes you in with open arms. The single is an escape into the unknown when you truly feel lost within your own mind. It’s a musical transcendence that doesn’t require a linear formula to enjoy and appreciate.

So get ready to board the ship as Molly Rocket launches you into outer space in “Revolve”!

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