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The Joe Buckley Band: A Tom Petty Daydream

"Keep doing it, whatever it is that’s in your heart. Keep doing that, and everything will fall into place.” -- Joe Buckley

Joe Buckley grew up primarily playing sports and learned off the bat that focus and discipline are important in anything that you do. “You have to be focused and intense. You can’t half-ass it”, Joe genuinely remarked. This comment highlights the main theme in his music. It is a focused and disciplined sound that can still elicit many different types of emotions. It’s nostalgic while also being progressive at the same time.

The Joe Buckley Band has mastered the ability to encompass multiple genres in their new album “Perpetual Motion”. With their songwriting influence pulled heavily from Tom Petty and a classic rock sound similar to The Eagles, it is a nice, well-balanced sound that is perfectly imperfect, in the sense that The Joe Buckley Band wasn’t made to fit the mold of one specific genre. Ranging from a classic rock sound to an alternative bluesy folk sound, it’s easy to listen to and smooth from the get go.

“Tennessee Hills” was written after The Joe Buckley Band moved to Nashville. It was a vital piece to the album as it was the first song to include Claire Meyer on backup vocals. It is a Nashville inspired, anti-country song that tells it like it is. They aren’t a country band and don’t pretend to be. Easily put, The Joe Buckley Band puts the “classic” in “rock”. Their live performance does a great job of over exceeding your expectations for a genuine live sound, and the lyrics are easily accessible. The song “I’ve Been Called an Asshole” is a great example of the honesty that most people crave when it comes to relatable lyrics. It is a rooted sound that isn’t overly manufactured, bringing in homemade good feeling vibes. “There won’t be any smoke or lasers, but some damn good rock n’ roll” as Joe Buckley puts it.

“Perpetual Motion” as an album symbolizes the repetitive motion of pushing on and being persistent in whatever it is that’s in your heart and that fuels your passion. If you keep going through the motions, everything will fall into place. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable album that will make you feel as if you’re living inside a Tom Petty daydream. It elicits a “windows down” type of feeling that makes you want to take a long road trip and leave all your troubles behind.

So play a part in showering the world in rock n’ roll! Jump in your car and take a long drive through the waves of“Perpetual Motion”.

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