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We're Not Lying That We're Addicted to Canaan Cox

Canaan Cox is creating a name with his recent single "Lie" and we're not lying when we say we're addicted to the single. Canaan talks about the inspiration behind his recent release, memories that impacted his musical career, and most memorable gig memory.

Thank you so much for chatting with Music Update Central! You just released your latest single "Lie". What's the story behind the single? The lyrics really say it all seeing as it's a true story. I don't want to give too many details away but I wrote it as it was happening. The fight that ended my longest relationship has given me my best song to date.

In 2016, you released your debut album "Just Me". The project featured a few songs co-written with your father. What was the experience like working with your father for your debut project? I love writing with my dad. We come from very different generations but thats the great thing about country music- it can be so versatile. Dad knows his way around the guitar well enough to write a song in one key, but his lyrics are usually pretty heart felt so he usually leaves the melody and chords to me.

How did your childhood impact/influence your writing and music? I grew up in a large musical family so it had a huge impact on me I'd say. From dad writing songs, mom playing in a southern rock band, and me picking up instruments as I went along, it has lended itself well to my musicality today.

What's the funniest gig memory you have? Not sure if it was funny or not, but some drunken crazy woman jumped on stage and licked my face at a dirt track racing event in SC. I just kept singing...

What does the rest of 2017 hold for you? I'm in the process of working on a self-titled EP but not too sure when we will release it yet. However, stay tuned the end of this month for the official music video release for "Lie" coming August 28th.

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