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Been Turned Down or Stood Up Recently? Katie Austin offers the Perfect Remedy in New Single “Broken

I met up with the Louisiana ray of sunshine, Katie Austin, to discuss her newest single “Broken Record” and was able to get the details on her music, upcoming plans, and all things Katie! This firecracker has a “Shania Twain” type attitude infused with a sweet “Carrie Underwood” music style.

Katie never actually sang in front of anyone until she was out of high school. Her main focus was all on dance until she realized music was something she was drawn to. The first song she ever sang was “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack. “I was always drawn to big moment songs growing up with idols like Martina McBride and Celine Dion”, Katie remarked. Not only was Katie oozing with passion, she was extremely humble as she mapped out her journey for me that led her to this point in her career. Katie moved here at the early age of 18 and had a job hosting karaoke nights downtown. From there, she took a leap of faith to Texas and performed in dance halls as the female headliner, gaining an immense amount of live performance experience. Nashville just couldn’t get enough of Katie. After two years in Texas, she returned to music city and is more focused than ever. Katie Austin sets the bar high with her talent, her humbling personality, and her fiery passion for music.

“Broken Record”

In “Broken Record”, Katie Austin makes it clear that she will not let anything or anyone bring her down, including getting stood up. In this dynamite new single, she offers the perfect solution to anyone who’s been stood up. It’s a fun, upbeat song that will have you forgetting all about that person who blew you off. What’s the solution you ask? Katie’s remedy is to turn up the music, dance it out, and enjoy some wine. It’s a “rough around the edges” sound with just the right amount of sugar, and a heaping spoonful of spice.

“Broken Record” may just help fix your broken heart. This single left me feeling empowered, and it’s perfect if you’ve needed a little pep in your step. Instead of throwing a pity party, “Broken Record” makes you want to dance instead. So turn up the dial, and take a listen. I guarantee that you’ll feel much better!

Listen here:

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