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Brooke Alexx Will Have You “All In” for her New Single!

Recent Elon University graduate, Brooke Greenberg, recently moved to Nashville, and she brought with her some great new music.

With Brooke’s lucky number being fourteen, “All In” was just released today, and it is such a jam. Produced by Lesser Bay, it masters the art in eliciting a Pop/Electronic sound that is perfectly blended together. Brooke’s vocals float throughout the song, and it seems as if there isn’t a note she can’t conquer. Brooke gave me some insight on her new single. “All In” was a slogan from her sister’s college sports team. Brooke and her boyfriend adopted the saying, and it became equivalent for “I love you”. Brooke also expressed the importance of melodies to me in her music, and it shows in her new single. This song radiates happiness and warmth, while also having an edge to it that is addicting. Her tone is warm, and every note finds its perfect place in this modern love song. It leaves you wanting to tell the person you care about the most, whether that is a family member, friend, or significant other, that you’re “All In” for them.

Her new single leaves you craving more and creates some mystery as to what Brooke Alexx will do next! This is an artist to watch that is for sure.

Check out Brooke’s New Single Here:

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