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Rising Country: Sean Austin Band

Sean Austin will be forever stuck in your heads with his debut release. Heart Songs Records recording artist, Sean Austin Band discusses inspiration behind EP, special song, and much more!

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! You just released Part One of your debut EP. What's the response been to the overall production? The response has been overwhelmingly well received. The first few hours the EP was released my phone was lit up with message after message about us being at #4 on iTunes new country albums and I was like wow, just rendered speechless. We did our album release concert the night after and we sold out the Claude Gentry Theatre for this concert and everyone there was ready to sing these songs back to us and it was such a great feeling.

While listening to your EP, "Crank It To Ten" stood out to me. What's the inspiration behind the song? Man that song came from feeling the energy from crowds and loving to play music and that song pretty much embodies a Sean Austin Band live show, we are gonna turn the Volume knob all the way up and we are gonna make you forget about your troubles for the time we are playing!!! The thing about Crank is just one of them songs to let the top down on a sunny day and turn it up and just let go.

Why did you choose the songs on your EP for your debut project? Well I wrote or co wrote 300 songs for this project, and it was a tough battle to pick what was part one and part two. I wanted part one to be fun so we chose part one songs to be somewhat carefree and about the fun side of living with exception to Fire & Water which is a true to life song about staying in a relationship that is doomed from the start.

Out of all the songs on the EP, which one means the most to you? On the EP, well all the songs are like my kids and I love each one but on the EP I would have to say, Crazy Love, cause it was the first song cut for the album and I wrote that song about how my Wife makes me feel on a daily basis and it never gets old. On the overall album part one and part two a song called "Way Too Fast" is my favorite I wrote it about becoming Dad to my twins a boy and a girl and it's just my song to them and all parents that wanna hold on, very excited about that song and all the songs coming up on the next part and so Thankful to have part one out right now for people to get it and hopefully love it.

Where can our readers follow you at? They can follow me at Facebook Sean Austin Band & Twitter is seanaustin2125!!! So very thankful for all the fans that hit that like button and reach out about the music and our shows!!! Means more than I can ever truly say

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