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“When All Is Lost”: On Their Upcoming Musical Leap of Faith to Nashville & New Single “It’s Ok”

“When All Is Lost” is definitely not lost whatsoever when it comes to their music. With sounds similar to “Kings of Leon” and “Moon Taxi”, the alternative rock vibrations seemed to seep out of my headphones and submerge me completely into their music. I was able to interview “When All Is Lost” before they make the jump to Music City in October.

“Music has always shifted for me in many ways inspiring me to take a bite of all music with “Michael Jackson” playing a huge roll on groove to bands like “System of a Down” inspiring me with creativeness. They explained "being different" to me like no one else ever could through their music!” –Xzavier Price

Tell me about the band's origins.

“When All Is Lost” was formed on a street corner in Alexandria, Louisiana in 2013 by Austin Box, Tayvieon Graham and Dylon Ervin. In 2014, Xzavier Price and William Lee joined the band and the original music started flowing. Xzavier started writing more and more, and we released our debut EP entitled "Don't Depend", with our first full-length album, “Between Lines", coming out only a year later. With the departure of our bassist, Will in 2017, Austin found Andrew Foreman who has brought a huge new Rock influence to the table. We are built around a very diverse foundation ranging from the Pop influence of “Michael Jackson”, to the Alternative influence of “Kings Of Leon” fused with Gospel roots, and the powerful Rock N’ Roll of “Led Zepplin”. We started recording our new album "All The Way" earlier this year and are shooting for a winter release date! We also have a big move to Nashville planned for this October, so we couldn't be more excited to get up there and start grinding!”

Meet the Band Members:

Austin Box: “I started playing about 9 years ago because of guys like “Paul Gilbert” and “Steve Vai”. As time passed, I started discovering bands like “Kings Of Leon”, “The Foo Fighters”, “Mona”, “Rush”, “Alice In Chains”, and the list goes on and on really. But in particular, “Matthew Followill” from KOL really stuck out to me. I fell in love with his powerful yet ambient tone and then I was hooked. Can definitely say they've been my biggest influence!”

Andrew Foreman: “I've been playing bass for about 8 months now, but I've been playing music (drums, guitar, piano, singing) for around 5 years now. I always thought bass was the most boring instrument until I saw a video of a live TV recording from the late 60s of “Cream” playing their cover of “Spoonful” by “Howlin Wolf”. My mind was changed forever with the way “Jack Bruce” played. He was the only person that really showed me how bad ass bass guitar can be.”

Xzavier Price: “Music has been a big feature of my life since the 1st grade. I taught myself how to play all instruments in order to create my own music. Music has always shifted for me in many ways inspiring me to take a bite of all music with “Michael Jackson” playing a huge roll on groove to bands like “System of a Down” inspiring me with creativeness. They explained "being different" to me like no one else ever could through their music!”

Tayvieon Graham: “Well, music for me all started in the church. I always was very religious at a very young age, and have much respect from where my talent has come from. I've always had a passion and a heart for drumming. It was something that always made me happy. Drumming for me growing up was truly amazing, being the only one in my family to be successful in playing an Instrument was amazing. Coming from a little town in Louisiana called Pineville and accomplishing so much through my talent has been truly a blessing. I play drums not only because I like it, but I love motivating other people to strive for their dreams no matter how small your town may be and no matter how big your dreams may be! Push hard, work hard, and at the end it will all pay off!”

Do you have any gigs planned in Nashville yet or any recent gigs that you would like to share? “We just played “Rock the Red”, “The Fourth of July Festival in Alexandria”, and we are looking forward to playing “Revel”, a festival in Shreveport with “Mona and The Record Company” on October 7th!”

What do you plan on accomplishing after moving to Nashville, and what are some goals you have? "We are really ambitious and ready to push ourselves to become career musicians so moving to Nashville is just for opportunities to meet other musicians, to really motivate us, and to get the whole team together working harder than ever. We definitely aren't coming in with the mindset that we will move and explode, but we definitely see it as a city with much more opportunities than where we currently are.”

What inspired your new single "It's Ok"? Xzavier: “To keep a consistent awareness of love no matter the inch of loss, makes everything ok. Writing “It's Ok” has been an emotional feel of stride or giving up at times. I have been in situations where I’ve treated the space around me with a very negative energy because of the circumstance that didn't want to work out at times, but no matter how ugly the love was, it was ok, it was alright to keep pushing. A lot of times these were moments with the music career itself and a very open mind that allowed so much to take over. No matter your story, we all have our negative times, and we show it in odd ways but it's ok, it's alright, make something big.”

At this point, I’ve listened to this song more times than I can count. And each time I listened to it, I was convinced that no matter what hardships I was dealing with at the time, that everything would turn out for the best. When a song can completely change your outlook and perspective on things, that’s when you know it’s powerful. “When All Is Lost” is a band that I think will surprise everyone, and take Nashville by storm. I for one will be cheering them on from the sidelines!

Check out their new single here:

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