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#Womencrush: ELIAZ

Nashville, TN rising female duo ELIAZ is creating a presence while standing out in the industry with a unique sound. ELIAZ discuss where their roots began, advice for aspiring female musicians, and upcoming projects.

What made you come to Nashville to pursue a musical career? Essentially college. We knew we wanted to study music and what better place to do that than Music City, USA. We fell in love with this city and its vibe really quickly and decided that this would be our new home.

What advice would you give to other females who want to come into the music business? Always come prepared, always be one step ahead and don't rely on others to build your career. Do it yourself and be unapologetically a boss while still being kind. Always be kind. You are never better than anyone else but you're never lesser than either.

What is your current music project? We're writing, recording and working on our social media presence while getting some shows lined up.

What is your favorite American candy or sweet? Sam's is Baby Ruth and Swedish fish. Ashleigh's is Twix and Jolly Ranchers.





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