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Floatin' with Grayson Rogers

Grayson Rogers is sweeping the nation with his latest single "Floatin'". Grayson is performing all over the country and opening for major name acts while chasing his dreams. Rogers discuss kindergarten memories, inspiration behind the latest single, and pre-show rituals.

When did you know that you wanted to pursue a musical career? My first dream was to play in the NFL. I was 18 and my football plans fell through. I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life. One day, I was in the car with some of my friends singing along to the radio and they said “you know, you should really try out for American Idol!” They really started pushing me to sing. My family later told me that Roy Rogers was a distant cousin of mine, so I guess it’s in the blood!

You're gearing up to release a new single called Floatin'. Why did you pick this single? It’s just a feel-good, catchy summertime jam!! It’s also different than what’s coming out in country music right now (in my opinion). I always like being a little different – makes you stand out! Haha!

Tell us two things you remember about Kindergarten.

1. My teacher was always concerned about me because I only ever used black crayons to color – I later found out I was color blind.

2. My first crush.

What advice would you give newcomers to the music industry? Be ready for a 24/7 grind. A lot of extreme highs and a lot of extreme lows. But if you work your butt off and believe, it just might pay off one day. If you love it, pursue it. If it’s just a hobby, keep it that way.

Do you have any pre-show traditions? I’m a football guy, so I like pumping up my guys in huddle formation!! Haha! And of course, pray. Always gotta give the credit to the Man that makes these opportunities possible!

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