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Artist Spotlight: Brooks Young Band

We loved featuring and working with an rising band, Brooks Young. With amazing talent, Brooks Young Band takes the stage with outstanding vocals and melody.

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! How did Brooks Young Band come to be? Brooks Young Band came to be by one day I decided to start my own band and write my own songs, I looked up to Eric Clapton when I was younger and always wanted to be like him and do what he was doing. I wanted to create something that was my own and that I could build a name for myself by doing things the right way by working and earning it on my own. Over the years I've had members come and go due to the demand of working in an "original" band, it's not easy!

Your single "Drinking On Love" stood out to me. What's the inspiration behind the single? Drinking On Love is about a someone who struggles with daily life and feels that everything is broken inside but determined to keep pushing on to overcome the everyday battle, as well trying to find true love. I wrote this song starting on my Martin Acoustic and wanted to write an upbeat love song but with a Springsteen/Fleetwood Mac vibe.

Any pre-show rituals? My pre-show rituals I try to relax and block anything going on in my mind, as well lots of stretching before I hit the stage. I very rarely pick a guitar up backstage before the show, I like to live in the moment onstage playing to I don't let the emotions that have been building up inside escape by picking up the guitar right before hitting the stage. Backstage I prefer to either be alone or just with my band members, too many people cause for too much talk when I want to just focus on the show. After the show though I love to hang with everyone and meet as many people as possible once the shows over.

Where can our readers follow you at? The best place is Instagram, I try and post new stuff daily and love stories

@brooks_young_band … Facebook is another place just “like” Brooks Young Band official website

Who are your inspirations? Over the years I've been unbelievably welcomed by many music icons and legends to either open for them or perform with them from B.B. King, Pat Benatar, Huey Lewis and The News, The Wallflowers and so many others. My real inspiration comes from within and my daily life, my major influences are Eric Clapton and my grandfather was a musician.

Do you have any upcoming shows you're pumped about? I'm extremely excited about our upcoming show on July 26th, the Brooks Young Band will be a special guest opening for George Thorogood & The Destroyers at Lynn Auditorium in Lynn MA!

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