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Introducing Lost Stars

Charley Holden, Damian Malnar, Thomas Altman, & Trey Warner of independent band Lost Stars discuss upcoming single release in August, forming the band, and living in any TV homes they could.

Thanks for chatting with Music Update Central! How did Lost Stars come to be as a band?

Trey: Charley, Damian and I were hunting mongoose in the South Mongolian mountains when out of nowhere an eagle attacked Damian and ripped out his pelvis. We spent the next week doing nothing but crying when we decided we had to start a band to get his pelvis back….

Damian: Lost Stars officially became a band in February 2016 at The High Watt! It was kind of a surprise judgment call for us and for the audience, but it felt like the right choice! At first, I was pursuing a solo career, but something just didn’t feel right about it. Playing with my friends felt so much more like a group effort rather than just hiring a band to play with me. And so we decided to become Lost Stars.

Thomas: I met Damian, and Trey at Belmont University and we all started playing together, and eventually decided to start a band!

Charley: All of this is true...including the mongoose.

Tell us about your debut EP "Dreaming In The Dark”.

Damian: The title originates from a line off the first song on the record, “Lost Boys”. It’s kind of how I see life - a lot of our lives we don’t completely see the path that’s in front of us, but we keep searching for a “light” to lead us where we need to go. The EP in its entirety is a reflection of all the dreams and emotions we are faced with in this life, and when someone listens to this, we want the takeaway to be hope. Hope that they can find their light through the darkness.

Thomas: Dreaming In The Dark is a collage of all our major influences. It will make you think at times, but it can also make you dance.

Trey: I played guitar on it. There are 6 songs. We can play each song live (if we want). There's a floating animated girl on the cover, idk what she's doing but it seems like she's asleep.

Are you guys working in the studio or releasing new music soon?

Charley: We are currently finishing up our next single! “It Only Takes One” I believe it’s coming out in August.

Damian: It’s a song about trying to become a better you in a complicated world that seeks to divide people because of their differences.

If you all could live in any TV home, what would it be and why?

Damian: It’s tough for me to pick one. So, it’s a tossup between being a family friend of the Solverson’s from Fargo season 2 or being an anti-hero with a complicated backstory in Arrow season 1-2. But, if cartoons are on the table, I’d be a resident of Beach City in Steven Universe.

Thomas: I’d live in the How I Met Your Mother apartment because it has an awesome roof view

Trey: Parks and Rec so I could hang out with April, Charley could hang out with the animal control guys, and Damian could hang out with Orin.

Charley: Either in LOST on the island, or a Batman animated TV universe of some kind.

Any upcoming tour dates?

Damian: We have some awesome shows lined up for the fall that we are going to announce very soon! Stay tuned!

Where can people keep up with you guys?

Damian: You can find all of your Lost Stars news and tour dates on our website and socials. @LostStarsMusic or

Thomas: You can also find our videos on YouTube!

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