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Vocals & Talent: Parker Willingham

Parker Willingham is extraordinary. His vocals and drive for his musical career are sure to get him to the charts. Parker will be releasing a brand new EP called "You Get Me Every Time" on July 7th. His upcoming EP contains a blend of romantic, rock & roll, and bluesy songs which showcases his true talents.

Thank you so much for chatting with Music Update Central! You're dropping an EP on July 7th. What can we expect on this EP? You can expect the album to contain a blend of romantic, rock & roll, and bluesy songs that resonate to the tune of country music and southern grit based on my personal experiences throughout life.

What made you want to follow your musical pathway? Music has always been an outlet for me to express myself.. but I would have to say that the first time I knew I wanted to be a traveling musician was around the age of 15. I wanted a guitar and my grandfather gave me his old Fender for Christmas and soon after that I was on my way to singing competitions, band rehearsals, and even radio air time.To sum it all up... Family was the biggest reason I started to follow music!

Out of all the songs you have written, what one holds a special place in your heart? I wrote a song called "Flipside".. (which is on the new album) this song means a whole lot to me. I wrote the song after traveling back and forth from FL to TN as a musician and basically described my experiences along the way!

What can fans expect for the rest of 2017? Fans can expect me to be writing a lot more songs throughout the remainder of the year; based once again on personal experiences and honing in on that bluesy country/rock & roll country vibe. In addition, I will still be playing on Lower Broadway at a variety of Honkytonks, as well as writers rounds throughout the Nashville Area. I will also be headlining a 10-day music festival throughout Switzerland where I perform for a total audience of 1 million. Lastly, I will be traveling throughout the states- Delaware, Florida, and California (to name a few) to perform at various venues and festivals.

Where can fans follow you at?

Both my Professional Website and on Social Media:



Instagram: parkerjameswillingham

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